The Problem is Addiction

The Answer is Recovery

We found we were addicted to drugs and alcohol and that our lives were spinning wildly out of control.

No matter how hard we tried we could not stop.  Some days we wanted passionately to quit and some days we just didn't care.

We reached a point where we could no longer use and live.  It was either quit or die, and then something happened.

We found recovery.

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Tips for the Newcomer

As a newcomer, my life was a mess.  Fortunately the people in AA and NA shared their collection of tips and suggestions with me.  They may  seem strange at first, but trust me, they work.


As alcoholics and addicts, we plan our relapses.  If you know what to look for and recognize the changes in your thinking and behavior, it doesn’t have to happen.  Here’s how to avoid going out again.

The Beast,
the Angel,
and the Madman

The book on which this web site is based.  An exploration of the problem of addiction and  its treatment through recovery, using spiritual principles..  Lessons from twenty years.

The Disease of Addiction

Addiction is a disease, not a lack of moral fiber.  Once I cross over that invisible line into addiction, I can never go back.  My disease is chronic, relapsing, and if untreated, is always fatal. 


Recovery begins with abstinence, but finding a life that is sane and sober requires much more.  Only a spiritual sea change, a complete rearrangement of my ideas and behavior will suffice.

Random Thoughts

Dealing with fear.  The meaning of the Serenity Prayer, Dealing with Grief and Dying in Recovery, The Art of Mindfulness, We are the Prodigal Son, What is Daily Bread, and other useful stuff.

The Problem is Addiction

The Answer is Recovery

Text and original photos copyright 2017-2018 by Linville M. Meadows