A Prayer for Waking Up

“There is no fear in love;

but perfect love casteth out fear.”

—1 John 4:18

“Why are ye fearful, O ye of little faith?”

—Matthew 8:26

That which is denied

cannot be healed.

―Brennan Manning

I thank you for waking me up,
Giving me life,
And this wonderful world to live it in.”

The best way for me to begin the day is by saying this little prayer.  Later on, after a few cups of coffee, I’ll begin my formal meditation and prayer, but for now, this will get me started.  While my head is still on the pillow, before my eyes have even begun to focus, I sing it out to the heavens and the world around me.  Here is its underlying meaning.

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My definition of a Higher Power includes all the universe as I know it, as well as all matters of the spirit.  So, when I say these words, I am not reciting a poem by rote.  I am speaking the words directly from my heart and out into the very ether of the cosmos.  In that moment, God is not an abstract concept nor a deity I kneel in front of.  Before me stretches an infinity of Nature and Love.  Whether the day is sunny and sweet or gray and drenched with rain, it calls out to me, and I cannot help but answer.

“I thank you”

Gratitude is the soil that grows my prayers.  It is the rain that brings forth its fruit.   Just to the extent that I overthrow my own ego, I can feel the spirit of Life flowing through me and I can let it guide and support me through my day.  And I know that the day ahead of me will be wonderful and joyous.

“For waking me up”

Just as a child quickens in the womb to its mother’s delight, so am I quickened into the day by the Love I can feel around me and by the promise that the day holds.  I am aroused from sleep, born anew into the world.  I am happy and centered, if only for a moment.

“Giving me life”

Life is a gift.  Try counting all the humans who have ever lived, include those who are alive now, and add those yet to be born—out of this infinite number—I was chosen to be alive today.  Such a rare and precious present, it would be a shame to waste it in anger, self-pity, or negativity.  Recovery teaches us how to overcome each of these roadblocks to happiness.  Allow yourself to celebrate life and be happy, joyous, and free of fear.

“And this wonderful world to live it in.”

It should be obvious by now that I perceive this world and life as a marvelous and precious place.  Surely, the day ahead will bring challenges and situations of all kinds.  Negativity will try to have its way in my thoughts.  But today, I have been given the spiritual tools I need to overcome any adversity.  Be of good cheer, for you too can overcome the world.

The Problem is Addiction

The Answer is Recovery

Text and original photos copyright 2017-2018 by Linville M. Meadows