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Spiritual Recovery

from Addiction

Recovery from addiction requires more than abstinence.  I must change everything I know about living in this world.  I must find honesty.  I must become open and willing. 


A deep spiritual change is required, uprooting all my old ways of thinking.  I must find a new way of relating to the universe.  I must discover who I am and what my place is in this world.


We must necessarily discuss matters of the spirit, for this is where the answer to our problems lies.  We must learn to live by spiritual principles.  We must find a Higher Power we can believe in.

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Psychic Change

We had become morally bankrupt, they said, and we must undergo a complete rearrangement of our thoughts and behavior if we were going to survive.  What the hell are they talking about?

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What is 

They say that AA and NA are spiritual programs.  What is spirituality, why do I need it, and where do I get it?  It’s all part of discovering who I am and why I am in this world.

Finding a Higher Power

The only requirement, they said, is that I trust in God and clean house.  But God and religion had failed me when I needed them most.  Or in the depths of my using, had I abandoned them?

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Prayer and

Prayer and meditation are the tools I use to communicate with the Higher Power I have found.  They seem simple, but actually they are skills that must be learned and practiced on a daily basis.

I Can Control My Thoughts

Recovery teaches that I can control my thoughts.  I no longer have to respond automatically.  No longer do I have to let resentments, anger, whirling thoughts, or fear run my life. 

Serenity is the Reward

Serenity is more than a prayer.  It’s a state of complete peace, of joy and ease, not worrying about tomorrow or haunted by the past.  Living in the moment.  The goal and reward of recovery.