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The Disease of Addiction

Addiction is a chronic, relapsing, and if untreated, uniformly fatal disease.  Our problem is not moral turpitude, weakness of will, or succumbing to the Devil’s own temptation of Demon Rum.  


It may have begun as a choice, but once over the line that separates abuse from addiction, all choice is lost.  Our bodies undergo irreversible changes in physiology and brain function.  


Changes in our emotional and spiritual character follow.  Our thinking becomes disordered, often pathologically so.  We lose our moral compass and in the end we are spiritually bankrupt.

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Chronic, Fatal, and Relapsing

Our disease cannot be cured but it can be treated.   Like other diseases, it never leaves and has a strong tendency to recur.  Without treatment, it is uniformly fatal.

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Addiction takes many forms

Addiction is everywhere the same, but the forms it takes are many.  Drugs, alcohol, shoplifting, gambling, adrenaline.  If it changes the way I feel, I can become addicted to it.

Crossing the Line

Somewhere in my past, I crossed the invisible line that separates using from addiction.  A raisin can never go back to being a grape.  I will never be able to drink or drug like other people again.

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I hate being powerless.  I’ve always tried to control everything around me.  But I had to admit it, drugs and alcohol had whipped me. Only when I accept that I have a problem, can I ask for help

The Craving and the Allergy

From out of nowhere came the desire to use, a desire so strong that I had no power to deny it.  And when the first drug hit my bloodstream, the need to continue was just as strong. 

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Alcohol is just another drug

Drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling—the form of addiction is not nearly so important as the disease which produces them.  Singleness of purpose explained in a new light..