Daily Bread,

or One Day at a Time

Is not life
more than food?

"Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes?

. . .

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well"

--Matthew 6:25, 33

The concept of daily bread >> is really the idea of one day at a time expressed on the scale of eternity.  Daily bread is not just what we need for our physical bodies—such as food, shelter, heat, warmth, and air—but also all of our non-physical requirements, our emotional, mental, psychic, and spiritual needs. 

"Give us this day our daily bread"

In the Lord’s Prayer, >> we ask God to “give us this day our daily bread.”  The word translated as daily is the Greek word “epiousios” and this word held a different meaning in Biblical times.  It meant transcendence, the essence of divinity, and something above the material conditions of our everyday world.  The Lord’s Prayer is the only place in the Bible or in all of Greek literature where the word is found.  So it is special.


So when we say the Lord’s Prayer, what we are asking for is no less than divine sustenance or holy nourishment, God’s grace and his blessing.  It is nothing less than the Bread of Life.  It is the gift of spiritual fitness.  It is one day’s sobriety, but only one day’s.

Manna from heaven
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Not by
bread alone

"…man doth not live by bread only,

but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of the God."

--Deuteronomy 8:3

Give us,
not just me

"Give us today our daily bread"

--Matthew 6:11

Just for today

They say God lives in the moment.

Where can
I find peace?

Like the manna >> that God rained down on the Israelites in the desert, the bread is only good for only one day.  It is truly daily bread.  It provides all our needs as material and spiritual beings for the present moment.  It must be renewed with each new dawning.


We are told not to worry about tomorrow, not to worry about any material needs, but to trust in the providence of God.  Today is all that matters, because today is all we really have.  Only today can we do good works or receive grace.  We live day by day, one step at a time.  And that is how we stay sober, one day at a time.


But our prayers and our manna are only good for one day.  Each and every day I must ask and thank God for sustaining my life here on earth.  Each day I must ask “God, I thank you for keeping me clean and sober today.”  Each day I must renew my sobriety.  This is why daily AA meetings are so very important.

Living in the moment

Living in the moment  >> is one of the essential components of serenity.  We cease carrying the burdens of our past and we no longer worry about the problems of the future.  Certainly, we plan ahead as needed and we try to learn from our past experiences, but yesterday and tomorrow will no longer control our thinking and our behavior.


I must never expect that the future will bring me happiness.  My life will not suddenly become wonderful when something happens tomorrow.  Happiness exists only in the here and now.  Only when I achieve my serenity will happiness arrive, following along behind like a grinning little puppy dog.  Happiness is the child of serenity.


They say God lives in the moment.

We must do our part

The gift of daily bread is not an invitation to idleness.  Don’t go into a closet, shut the door and then tell God that you are hungry and expect a hot dog to come rolling under the door.  It doesn’t work like that. 


As always, we must do the work.  I plant the seed, but I cannot make it grow; only God can do that.  If I am going to eat, I must harvest the wheat and make the bread.  Just ask the Little Red Hen. >>

Daily bread includes fellowship

Give us our daily bread, not just give me.  As human beings, we are social animals and the companionship of our fellows is one of our spiritual needs.  As a group we do things we cannot do by ourselves.  Such as get sober.


Daily bread is a metaphor for the family of God.  All of us are children of God, and all of us have access to his blessings.  We are all in this together.


The fellowship of AA >> must be counted as part of our essential spiritual nourishment

Daily bread and AA

The concept of daily bread is an essential part of recovery in AA.  We are told to live “one day at a time.”  To find the peace and joy that  serenity >>>  brings, we must live in the moment. 


When we pray, we usually finish with “just for today,” recognizing that the gifts received from our prayers must be renewed each day.  And, of course, the fellowship of AA is founded on the rock of our relationship with our Higher Power.


The sobriety, recovery, and fellowship we find in the rooms of AA is our daily bread.


Remember to ask

with a grateful heart >>

The Problem is Addiction

The Answer is Recovery

Text and original photos copyright 2017-2018 by Linville M. Meadows