If you do relapse, here's what to do

Relapse is easy--

Coming back in

is more difficult

Just make to the front door

of your home group meeting,

and everything will be alright.

Remember, You are not alone

Remember most of the people you know in recovery have relapsed at least once.  They know and understand what you are going through. You are not unique in your relapse.


Reconnect with your sponsor

and your friends in the fellowship.


Pick up a chip

Go to a meeting, preferably your home group, and pick up a chip.  I guarantee everybody in the room will clap for you and give you a hug. Remember, they will love you until you learn to love yourself. This is for real!


Remember recovery is a process

Relapse can be part of it, but so can death.  You get to choose.


If nothing changes, nothing changes

The way you were doing recovery didn’t work, so don’t think that doing the same thing over again will work.  You must figure out what you did wrong and try something new and better.

A daily dose of spirituality

In need a daily dose of spirituality to maintain my spiritual fitness.  It’s like daily bread.  You wouldn’t go a day without eating or breathing would you?  Pick yourself up and try again.


Remember the parable of the Prodigal Son

 Your Father and your friends in AA and NA are always waiting for you with open arms.

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