Know your triggers

They said, “You must avoid old playthings, old playgrounds,

and old playmates if you want to stay sober.”

Recognize your craving thoughts

When we were using, certain emotions, thoughts, or situations would trigger the craving for our drug of choice.  Just because we quit using doesn’t mean these triggers have gone away.  But if we learn to recognize them, we no longer have to respond to them.


Make a list of everything you know precipitates the urge to use

For some it will be the sight of an object—a syringe, a pipe, a pack of rolling papers.  For some it will be a sound—a song we used to party to, or the sound of a credit card tapping out lines of coke.  It can be a memory—how good it felt to get high.  The conversations of others, a scene in a movie, a beer commercial on TV—all these can be triggers.  Remember to avoid old playthings, old playgrounds,and old playmates

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Don’t get too Hungry,

too Angry,

too Lonely,

or too Tired.

Recognize the thoughts before they become actions

We are addicts.and we will always think about using

But in recovery, we no longer have to let any thought, emotion, or situation control our behavior. 

See  Controlling My Thoughts >>


Learn to recognize the emotions that kick us in the gut

for example anxiety, anger, resentment, mood swings, and depression.  Don’t romanticize your drug of choice.


Write down your relapse scenario

Memorize the situation that will most likely strip away your will to stay sober.