Those who relapsed said

How my sponsor relapsed

Larry, my sponsor of eleven years, developed heart disease.  Almost as an afterthought, Larry asked his doctor is a glass of wine after dinner would help.  The doctor, unaware that his patient was a recovering alcoholic, said yes.  This is the alcoholic insanity.


I heard of this when my sponsor was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit at the hospital with acute alcoholic poisoning and delirium.  He had attacked his nurses and was completely out of his mind.  This is my disease.


Beware, it is your disease as well.

I thought I had it licked.  I got cocky.

I quit going to meetings.  I quit calling my sponsor.

I let my doctor give me drugs I knew I shouldn’t take.

I tried to show my drug dealer or drinking buddies how good your sobriety was.

I thought that “just one hit won’t hurt” or “it’s only one drink.”

I succumbed to social pressures to use.

I thought I could do this on my own, without all that recovery crap.

I was scared of the Fourth Step.

I couldn’t relate to those people in recovery.  I’m not like them.

I thought I could control it this time.

I reconnected with my old using buddies.

I isolated.

I lost interest in the pleasant activities of my life:  hobbies, fellowship, friends.

I replaced one addiction with another, for example swapping bourbon for gambling.

I was overwhelmed with feelings of discontent, frustration, or anger.

I slipped into depression. Nothing seemed to matter anymore.

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