What is spirituality?

”Quite as important was the discovery that spiritual principles would solve all my problems.


I have since been brought into a way of living infinitely more satisfying and, I hope, more useful than the life I lived before.


My old manner of life was by no means a bad one, but I would not exchange its best moments for the worst I have now.


I would not go back to it even if I could.”

“I have  the disease of addiction,” he said.


 “And I treat my disease with a daily dose of spirituality.


 I get my spirituality from prayer and meditation, and by going to meetings.” 

It is my relationship with the universe,

and how I live in this world based on that relationship >>

We are told that living by spiritual principles will solve all our problems >>

The best definition of spirituality I have found is this:  Spirituality is how I relate to the universe and how I behave in this world based on that relationship.  There are several possibilities here. 


Is the universe an accident? >>

First, I can assume the universe is just a lucky accident, that the entire cosmos has no meaning, no soul, and cares nothing for human life.  As Bill W. described it, “blind faith in the strange proposition that this universe originated in a cipher and aimlessly rushes nowhere.”


Is the universe mean and nasty? >>

Second, I can assume that the universe is malignant, that the game is rigged ahead of time, and no matter how hard I try, I can never win, and when I die I die all over.


Neither of these possibilities are very useful.  The only goal of such a life is the accumulation of as much power, pleasure, and wealth as possible.   For me, I excluded both choices.  If nothing about this life matters, then why not use?  These ideas about life got me drunk and kept me high.


No, the universe is loving and kind >>

Last, I can assume that the universe is benign, that the entire cosmos, as best as I can understand it, is permeated by an eternal Love and Intelligence which by its very nature is perfect.  The force of this spirit flows through me and into the world.


The source of my goodness >>

This is the origin of my conscience, how I intuitively know right from wrong.  It is where courage, kindness, compassion, honesty and all the other virtues come from.  It is the basis for all the love I feel for my children, my family, and all those around me.


And most importantly, I can tap into this goodness to overcome my addiction and find the life that is promised me:  happy, joyous, and free of fear.


This is the first part of my new spirituality

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Recovery from addiction means redefining who I am

We are told that “everything you think you know about living is wrong.” 


What is truly important in life

This is another way of saying that I have to take stock of who I am and what am I doing in this world.  What are the most important things in my life if they are not drugs and alcohol?


What are my priorities >>

My top three priorities used to be—my job, my job, my job.  But that thinking almost killed me. 


What will give meaning and purpose to my life

Climbing the career ladder isn’t as important as I used to think.  Where are my family in all this?  Where does this Higher Power thing fit in?


If I am becoming a new person, who do I want that new person to be

Remember, I am a good person with a bad disease.  It is in my nature to be a good, kind, and honest person.  The goal of recovery is to bring this person back out into the light.

This is the second part of my new spirituality.